A Wide Variety of Outsourced HR Services

If you're interested in completely outsourcing your company's HR department or want to selectively rely on an outside resource to manage certain HR functions, we can help create the customized solution you're looking for. We can provide very personal one-on-one human resource support, administrative compliance support or any combination of human and data services. On a strictly confidential basis, we can even fill a seat on your company's Executive Management or Partner Committee to be sure that various Human Resource variables are factored into important company decision making.

Recruiting Experts

If you have specialized positions to fill, The Tico Group can conduct a deep search to find you the very best talent. We work with your company to fully understand your culture and the needs of any new talent you're looking for. In addition to tapping into our database of candidates, we thoroughly brief and screen people, saving you time and delivering highly vetted people.  Read more here.

Specialized knowledge in Independent Contractor Issues

We have been studying the challenges businesses face when using independent contractors for over 20 years. We can help you understand where your risks lie and how best to move forward.  In today's environment, it's critical that you have someone on your side that understands the various labor laws and regulations governing both employees and independent contractors.

Affordable Health Care Act Experts

Does your company fully understand the implications of the new Healthcare law? It's important that you do. We are on top of the impact this law has on employers and we help you make sensible, informed decisions for your company.


Decades of experience managing executives and skilled talent. Our experience of finding, training, securing and managing workforces throughout North America is extensive. We know how to move fast, move smart and get the right executive talent wherever the need. Most of our experience has been in situations that fall into the category of a "fire drill". So, if you need a lot of executive, management or other skilled talent in a hurry, don't hesitate to reach out to us.