Let us do what you'd rather not do

The Tico Group is ready to create a highly customized solution for your HR, benefits and payroll management. Our goal is to increase your efficiency, reduce employment-related risks and liabilities and increase your profitability. Hiring The Tico Group to handle your HR, benefits management and payroll management can save you 20% or more compared to your total current costs for these functions.

We can become your offsite payroll department and HR department, handling Payroll, Human Resources, Insurance and Benefits Administration.  You will be designated a dedicated payroll specialist, dedicated HR specialist, have access to self-service solutions and have a complete payroll and employee data information and reporting system.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • calculation, preparation and processing of payroll, including direct deposit
  • reporting, withholding and remitting payment of payroll taxes
  • processing and distribution of W-2's and 1099's
  • web-based time submission system and record keeping systems
  • administer wage garnishments and child support deductions
  • administer worker's compensation claims
  • provide employer reports for things like job costing, vacation, sick time and other requests you have
  • administer all payments and payroll deductions
  • consultant on employment practices
  • supervise and administer pre-employment screening, including e-Verify and background checks
  • compliance assistance with Federal and State laws
  • benefits administration
  • COBRA notifications and record keeping
  • ACA compliance and reporting

We can also provide on-demand services that include telephone, email and even in-person consultations with an HR professional for dealing with a wide range of employee situations. We work with you to develop electronic solutions for forms, handbooks, job descriptions and more. We are a paperless organization and we can help you move as much in that direction as you like.

When you're talking about HR matters, some things need a very personal touch and we can provide any level of personal service you need. This could include site visits, manager mentorship & training, assistance with recruiting and candidate screening, performance management consulting, independent harassment and claims investigation, FMLA, COBRA and other compliance matters.

Please contact us today for a customized and confidential discussion of your needs.