Finding the right people is everything

As much as 80% of employee turnover is due to poor hiring decisions. 

We offer a differentiated approach to searches, because unlike many search firms that will expose you to many candidates just hoping one of them will "stick", we take the time to get to know everything we can about your company, the department where the new hire will work, what his/her responsibilities will be, the existing team that s/he will need join and any factors that will influence the ultimate success of any person we place. Research shows that companies do a much better job assessing a candidate's skill level than they do determining the person's personality fit is right for the job and the organization.

We are Hogan Certified and can apply state-of-the-art personality and cognitive testing in dramatically increase the odds of you making the "right" hire.  Read more about the value of using proven assessment tools by CLICKING HERE.

You will work directly with a search executive that has hired hundreds of people and has a deep understanding of personalities, skills and corporate culture.

Technology and Retail are two sectors where we have special emphasis.