Variable Workforces are Our Sweet Spot

Variable workforces come with special challenges.  you may have variable workers in states outside where you normally do business.  Qualifying to do business in and complying with multiple state rules and regulations can be daunting. Having variable workers on your own payroll can also cause benefit management challenges.

The Tico Group can serve as the employer of record for these variable workers, which includes making sure these workers get paid, various state withholding taxes are properly remitted, unemployment claims are answered, individual state wage and hour laws are complied with and lots of other matters that go along with having workers across several states.

Maybe you've been treating these variable workers as independent contractors.  This is probably a very bad idea and we can help you successfully transition from your current high-risk approach to one that makes sure you operate this workforce at a dramatically lower risk profile.  Read more on the topic of independent contractors by clicking here.

Our deepest experience is handling management and skilled workers, though we have also managed sizable situations involving hourly workers.

If you want to learn more about how we can add efficiency to your variable workforce and off-load a lot of headaches for you, please contact us today.